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About EMA(Licensed)

Evergreen Montessori Academy (EMA) provides authentic Montessori methodology and curriculum combined with evidence-based Social-Emotional Learning. This creates an environment where children thrive and learn to follow their interests while developing their capacity for independence, concentration, and a foundation for a lifetime of learning. The children are encouraged to engage at their own pace, enhancing their emerging powers of reason, imagination, and sociability. EMA enjoys and promotes its small student-to-teacher ratios. This ensures that your child will get the very best individualized care.

Vision Statement


EMA offers an authentic Montessori environment to promote meaningful learning, healthy growth & child development while fostering confidence and capable bilingual children. EMA’s philosophy is to teach our children to become transforming agents in society, leading to a more harmonious and peaceful world. 

Mission Statement


The child is at the center of our focus, purpose, and work at EMA. We are dedicated to providing an inclusive, authentic, enriching, and nurturing environment where children are supported and seen as capable individuals. EMA encourages our children to grow to their fullest potential academically and socially-emotionally. Our educational approach depends on respectful and honest relationships between children, staff, families, and the community. These relationships play a formative role in the lives of children as they learn, mature, and become contributing citizens in the global community.

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